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Scottish Borders


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Future of Fish

What are the key requirements of a Fishing Policy or fishery management strategy? The strategy for managing any fishery must be SUSTAINABLE, meeting the our needs while leaving opportunity for future generations to meet their own needs.  But how can … Continue reading

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Whitelee Wind Farm

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The Lone Wolf Approach to Conservation

Sweden, Conservation Sweden has been in the vanguard of countries seeking to preserve the natural environment. It was the first European country to establish a national park (Sarek National Park was established in 1909), thereby preserving part of Europe’s last wilderness. The … Continue reading

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Fish Fight

Shocking, perverse, just downright wrong… Sign up to the letter: To Commissioner Damanaki, Members of the European Parliament and all member state governments, I have seen images of dead and dying fish discarded in European waters. I understand that the … Continue reading

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Conservation of the Natural Balance

According to The Killing Fields article in this morning’s Sunday Herald, raptors are being killed in their thousands.  Allegations abound that highland sporting estates are poisoning hen harriers in order to boost grouse numbers. It is illegal to kill these protected … Continue reading

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Disappointment as 10:10 targets missed

We undertook to cut our carbon emissions by 10% in 2010 ( however our emissions from domestic energy use have increased by 4% since 2009.  This consists of a 5% reduction in electricity consumption and a 15% increase in gas … Continue reading

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