We really are up the creek without a paddle…

As global carbon emissions rise at such a rate that we have almost hit the 2020 target years ahead of schedule, the wind stops blowing and rising food prices are tightening the squeeze on the poor, we really are up the creek without a paddle.  Tinkering with corporate greenwashing, marginal improvements in resource use efficiency or mediocre reductions in waste will do nothing to avert the coming catastrophe.  Radical changes are required.

When the Titanic was launched 100 years ago today it was said to be unsinkable. The 1,517 passengers and crew who died when she sank may disagree.  If humanity continues on its current course, the number who die will be measured in millions, or possibly even billions.  Will our engineers find a solution to our problems as those who created the “engineering triumph” of the Titanic did? Or do we all need to take the steps to reducing or impact, our wanton waste and over consumption?

To continue the nautical metaphor, is it time to man the lifeboats? Oh! Lifeboats, we didn’t think we’d need any…

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