I Fought the Law, The Law Won

Emm. No.

It changed.

A law that is broken on a daily basis by many otherwise perfectly respectable upstanding citizens, including Members of Parliament, senior police officers and potential conservative voters must surely be wrong. lt should be abolished or changed.

Yes, the speed limit should be raised from 70 to 80 mph to avoid criminalising such respectable souls.

And if that’s not reason enough, look at the economic case. If employees spend a bit less time travelling you can get more work out of them. Think of the money businesses would save by not paying staff to sit in their cars for so long. They could even reduce staff numbersfor the same productivity. If more are killed on the roads that is just unfortunate (road accidents are already one of the largest causes of fatal accidents at work).

By the new definition of sustainable, i.e. anything that promotes economic growth is sustainable, anything that doesn’t isn’t, it must be sustainable, even though it increases fuel consumption by 20%.

Meanwhile, the Spanish government has reduced speed limits to improve fuel efficiency.

Well done Mr. Cameron. We really do have the greenest government ever. Not.

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